Welcome to Boston’s Ward 18 Democratic Committee!

Elected in February 2020 as a “Fresh Slate,” we have pledged to promote transparency, diversity and inclusion, community participation, and civic engagement.

Candidate and Ballot Question Endorsements!

For the first time since electing a “Fresh Slate” in 2020, Ward 18 Democratic Committee has made formal endorsements of Candidates and ballot measures. We are proud to support Michelle Wu for Mayor and four stellar candidates for At-Large City Council seats: Carla Monteiro, David Halbert, Julia Mejia, and Ruthzee Louijeune. For more info about these candidates, please visit their websites:

For District City Council seats within Ward 18, we have made the following endorsements:

For Ballot Questions, we are supporting

  • Yes on 1 to give the City Council the ability to make line item vetoes to the Mayor’s Budget (instead of just an up or down vote on the entire proposal. (https://yeson1boston.com/)
  • Yes on 3 to support a non-binding referendum calling for the Boston School Committee to change from appointed to elected. (https://www.electthebsc.org/)