One of the ways Boston’s Ward 18 Democrats engages in the political process and promotes civic engagement is through endorsement of candidates. In 2021, we made endorsed candidates for municipal office (Mayor and At-Large City Council seats) and supported ballot questions. We recently endorsed candidates in four statewide races.

2022 Statewide Elections

Governor: Maura Healey

We are proud to support Maura Healey in her campaign to be the first Democratic Governor of Massachusetts in 8 years! As Attorney General since 2015, and before that as Chief of the AG’s Civil Rights Division, she has a proven track record of fighting for working and middle class residents. As Governor, she will be a strong advocate and partner as we fight for affordable housing, a functioning public transit system, a clean energy economy to combat climate change, and reproductive rights.

Secretary of the Commonwealth: Tanisha Sullivan

Ward 18 is proud to support a fellow member of our Ward Committee, Tanisha Sullivan for Secretary of the Commonwealth, which is a critically important role in our democracy. Massachusetts remains decades behind other states when it comes to voting rights. Tanisha will fight for democracy reforms that expand our access to voting, address gaps in voter participation, build voter education programs, and work with vulnerable communities to increase voter participation through community partnerships and education.

Lieutenant Governor: Tami Gouveia

Tami Gouveia is a proven leader on public health issues. As a State Representative, she has stood up to those in power to protect the health and rights of working people. She will promote an equitable recovery from COVID-19, combat the intersecting environmental, economic, and social crises facing our Commonwealth, and engage directly with municipalities around the state to amplify and support the work of local governments and community activists.

Treasurer: Chris Dempsey

Chris Dempsey has a proven track record as a government watchdog, skills that will serve him well as State Auditor. He served as Assistant Secretary of Transportation in the Deval Patrick administration and led a grassroots No Boston Olympics effort, which was successful despite being outspent 1,500-1 by some of the most powerful corporate interests in the state. As Auditor, Chris will make sure we use our public resources effectively and fairly, so that every person and every family can thrive and succeed.

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